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Special Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo (2019)

Nonton Film Special Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo (2019)

Tahun: Durasi: 35 MenitDilihat: 16 views

Jo Jin-Gab was once a promising judo athlete. He protested against corruption at a game and he was kicked out of the sport. After that, Jo Jin-Gab became a gym teacher. Again, he could not control his anger against the son of the school’s chairman. Jo Jin-Gab was once again kicked out of his profession.

Jo Jin-Gab then successfully pass the exam to become a public officer. Working as a public officer, he does not have to worry about being kicked out of his job. He tries to live peacefully, but he is then transferred to work as a labor inspector at the Ministry of Employment and Labor. Facing many people who wield their power unjustly, Jo Jin-Gab reverts back to his old self.

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Tanggal Terakhir Mengudara: 27 May 2019
Jumlah Episode: 32